Russia Has Been Funding Trump For Years. Now We Know Why He Started This War.

I tend to rant.  Some of our readers on this and our other blogs enjoy it, others say I'm far too long winded.  The compare me to Rachel Maddow, and tell me I should just GET TO THE POINT.  Today, for once, I don't have much to say.  This story tells itself.

President Donald Trump is a master of misdirection.  Not in a complicated way; He's really a 3 trick pony.  First trick:  Attack.  Assassinate the character of anyone who dares to oppose him.  Second trick:  Whataboutism.  If confronted or cornered, just change the subject.  If we all had a buck for every time he's responded to his own wrongdoings with "What about______" (Usually Hillary or Obama, or recently Biden).  He won't even address his own misdeeds.... He just changes the narrative, which he is very, very good at.  But then... he is a hustler.  Third trick:  Start a fire.  If you look back over the past 3 years, we see that every so often Our President does something that completely defies logic.

Looking back, though, we see that Trump isn't the irrational fool the left thinks he is.  In his own way, he is a genius.  It's like clockwork; when he knows something devastating is coming out, as it so often seems to do, he will start a fire.  Don't take my word for it;  go back and look.

So when he directed our military to kill Soleimani yesterday, we should have known.  Yes, Soleimani was a monster with huge amounts of American blood on his hands.  But killing him was a strategically terrible choice.  Will it save lives?  No.  The thing about this legion is that there is always another monster waiting in the wings, and more often than not it's a worse monster.  What we've done is launch a Holy war.  This is a fight with an army with no rules.  The will attack our people with a bloodlust we cannot equal.  They will slaughter civilians.  Children.  This is going to be bad.

And of course, many DO know Trumps tendencies.  They assumed that this was a wag the dog scenario, that it was all about the impeachment, and the leaks that continue to spring in the damn.

But we should have known.

I won't bother explaining; you can tune into any network or major website and find the details.   Hell, even Fox is carrying it.  But in short:  Since before he was elected, many have been after Trump's taxes.  There are many reasons, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest:  They all wanted to know just how deep his ties to Russia are.  And even as a Trump supporter, it made sense.  It is disturbing just how much his agenda parallels Russia's.  Nancy Pelosi, God help me, may have said it best,  With Trump, all roads lead to Russia.

And now we know why he has kept those taxes buried.  For years, no bank in the world would touch Trump.  Despite his claims otherwise, he was not a brilliant businessman; he was a hustler who lost Billions;  bankrupted again and again.  But then came Deutsche Bank.  And no one understood why.  A loan to Trump is a fool's loan.  You are all but guaranteed to lose your money.  And yet Deutsche Bank shoveled millions upon millions of dollars down that hole.  And now we know why.  The Russians backed every one of those loans.

So here's reality.  The Russians own our President.  I have fought this notion tooth and nail for 3 years.  Chose instead to believe that Trump was an unwitting victim of Putin's.  But I can't deny cold hard facts any more.  This is our 6th sense scene, where it all comes together.  His refusal to Criticize Putin.  The way his agenda now so not mysteriously mirrored Putin's.

And the worst part is that the fire he started to cover it..... and make no mistake, he know this was coming, unless you're willing to buy into another of his now famous one in a million coincidences.... he has started a war that will result in a Bloodbath of biblical proportions.  Don't for one moment believe these zealots will not strike back mercilessly.  And why?  To save his own corrupt ass. 

So what can we do?  In short, we have to unite.  We have to be heard.  If you click the picture at the top of this article, you'll be taken to a Petition to Remove Donald Trump from office.  Comment on it,  Let the world hear you anger.  Re-Tweet it, Like it, share it on Facebook.  All of those methods of spreading it across social media.  Every voice we add to it makes it stronger.  Brighter.  And more impossible to ignore.  And if not this one.... find another one.  Find some way to be heard.  Trump is no less a monster than Putin.  He isn't his puppet.  He is his partner.  And it's up to us to stop him.

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