Parnas Bombshell: Trump Was Blackmailed Into Syria Pullout?

Lev Parnas has, without question, put himself directly into the spotlight of the media and President Donald Trump's impeachment and inevitable Senate acquittal.  

He has, for days now, been dropping accusations at virtually anyone associated with President Trump.  Many names have found their way into his cross hairs; Trump himself, Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr, Senator Devin Nunez, Rudy Giuliani.  He has even added some names we were all unaware of previously, such as Connecticut Republican Robert Hyde.

And as usual, Washington has done... well, what Washington does with these things.  Right wingers are fighting to poke holes in what we have seen and focus on Parnas's lack of credibility.  Those on the left seem willing to bet the house on a man already under indictment by New York's 7th District.

But as of yet, we haven't actually seen anything concrete.  Tantalising teasers, at best.  And of course, that is no accident.  The Democrats intend the bits and pieces to be just that... teasers.  Because in the end, this really is a matter of two competing PR campaigns, isn't it?

But none of what Parnas has claimed to date will sway much of anything.  If your beliefs reside on the left, you no doubt hear his accusations and see them as proof.  Because you most likely didn't need convincing.  And vice versa if you're a Republican.  

The long and short... there are no real game changers yet.

But that may have changed.  As the Democrats play the game of selected release of information, tonight's offering, if true, may just be that game changer.  Or it may just be more ado over nothing; time will tell.

It is known that among the things turned over for the impeachment proceedings are audio recordings.  Recordings which have come to be known as the "Parnas Tapes".  But aside from a few leaked voice mails over the last 24 hours that circulated on social media, the worst of which finds Trump saying "He just needs to announce the d*mn investigation!"   Old news at best.

But according to a selectively leaked bombshell tonight, the actual reason Donald Trump suddenly and against virtually everyone in Washington's advice pulled American troops out of Syria and essentially enabled Turkey to invade had nothing to do with American Interests, Negotiations, or even Trump's unpredictability.

According to Parnas,  Donald Trump pulled American Troops from Syria because he was blackmailed into doing so.  Parnas claims that Turkey's President Erdogan threatened to expose an intercepted call between Jared Kushner and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud in which Kushner assured the Prince that Saudi Arabia would face no international consequence for taking Washington Post reporter and American resident Jamal Khashoggi into custody, or any actions taken as a result of this move.

It is said that Parnas has both proof of the initial intercepted call and several conversations by those in Trump's circle verifying it; apparently including Trump himself.

Of course, it, and all of Parnas's claims, could be fake.  But if it isn't.... and the Democrats are looking for a bomb to drop during Trump's impeachment trial that might serve as that game changer... It's hard to imagine this would, if true, be anything but.  But if that's your hope... I wouldn't hold your breath.

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