Here Is The Imminent Threat That Caused Us To Kill Soleimani

Any way you look at it, Donald Trump just started a war.  You can argue the semantics and ethics of killing Qassem Soleimani, but there was absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that Iran would retaliate.  Morally, no one could argue the man had a drastic amount of American Blood on his hands.

But strategically it seems like a terrible choice.  Is the world a safer place now?  Not in any way.  This is evidenced by the fact that as I write this, Tuesday evening, the Iranians are bombing our military bases in Iraq.  And this surprised absolutely no one.  The simple fact is that by killing Soleimani, we sent Iran into a holy war.  Not with an army or with a country, but with a terrorist group.   A terrorist group with a network that encompasses our globe.  Soleimani was replaced with another monster.  Iran didn't miss a beat.  And any chance for peace in the Middle East is gone.

Trump and the White House have told us repeatedly that this fools errand was necessary because Soleimani and his people were planning a catastrophic attack.... but been remarkably vague as to the details.

And now we know those details.  The reason Donald Trump started a war... a war that is literally at this moment being fought.... is that Saudi Arabian officials informed him that Iran was about to launch a cyber attack on us, and could possibly be planning attacks on the US military.

That's it.  Saudi Arabia.  The country that killed Jamal Khashoggi.  One of the few countries as corrupt as Ukraine.  Trumps buddy.  Seems reasonable, right?  A corrupt country tells Trump that their enemy is planning an attack and Trump goes to war. 

In our world, geopolitics aren't as complicated as people think.  There are good guys and bad guys.  We have always been on the right side.  Now, Trump is aligning us with the Russias and Saudi Arabias of the world.  We are the becoming the bad guys.  And now we're fighting their wars.

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    1. This article doesn't even make sense. 1. Are you in the room with all of Trumps aids, generals, and other support staff. 2. Do you not think that this staff gave him advice on whether this type of attack of was justified or not.3. To be this naive that you think we just bomb them because someone said so, is extremely short sighted.

  2. Patience, grasshopper. Breathe. Iran has been THE major problem in the middle east since 1979. I'm willing to bet the opposite: the Iranian regime crumbles, the Iranian people become free, their terror proxies are destroyed and dismantled... and *then* we will have a chance for middle east peace. You need to seriously consider that the reason peace in the middle east has been elusive all these years is principally because of Iran - and once they've been removed from the chessboard, things will calm down considerably. Peace may never be attainable *with* Iran.

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